Information technology researches applied to business.

In this website you will find all the information available of our research projects. This is our mean of shareing our work with the community, allowing an exchange with academics, students, business man, professionals and the public in general. 

You will have access to our ongoing and completed projects, publications, as well as our participations in congresses and conferences and the papers we presented there. .

As our work is based mainly in surveys, you will also find access to the current ones. We have conveniently placed a demo survey for your reference.. The gathered information will not be revealed to third-parties and will be only used aggregate.

The University of Buenos Aires is financing one of our projects during 2014-2016 period, helping us maintaining this site available and updated. 

We hope you find it useful. Should you have any further questions or comments we encourage  you to send them out using the “Contact us” section.

Professor Crd. Guillermo A. Tricoci

Research project manager