As part of the agreements signed by the Facultad de Ciencias Económicas of UBA and the SRH University Berlin of Germany, Professors Lic. Pablo Corral has visit SRH Hochschule Berlin the week of June 27th 2016. Pablo Corral has met Prof. Vladimir Stantchev and his research team at the University, sharing our research team projects, publications and findings. As a result of this joint activity, both teams explored opportunities for collaboration and agreed on a path forward. On the other side, Pablo Corral hosted a lecture at professor Statnchev class of Information Systems Management, where he shared his experiences in the field of ICT Strategic Alignment, Economic Evaluation of ICT projects and ERP Packaged implementation.

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"Information and communication technologies investments and their impact on competitiveness"


Authors: Guillermo Tricoci, Pablo Corral, Ariana Rosenthal.

Media that published it: Revista Científica Visión de Futuro de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas de la Universidad Nacional de Misiones. Año 13 Volumen 20 Número 1.

ISSN: 1668 – 8708 (Online version)

ISSN: 1669 – 7634 (Press version)

Date of publication: January-June 2016.


With the main goal of keeping and improving competitiveness, the evolution and growing use of information and communication technology (ICT) have affected Organizations; impacting their strategic planning processes, their ICT investment decision making processes, as well as their organizational structure. The objective of this work is developing an approach to the impact of ICT investments in Argentine organizations, based on a field study completed at the School of Economics Sciences of UBA. We will analyze ICT investment patterns and its impact in organization competitiveness in dimensions such as cost reductions, changes in business strategy or changes in organizational structure. Impact of social network usage in competitiveness will be a special focus of this work, analyzing behavioral changes based on size and capital composition of the enterprises.

Key words: ICT, Investment, Innovation, Competitiveness, Social Networks.

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As part of the agreements signed by the Facultad de Ciencias Económicas of UBA with the SRH University Berlin of Germany,  Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Vladimir Stantchev  was received the week of March 28th of 2016. Vladimir Stantchev is full professor and executive director of the Institute of Information Systems of the SRH University Berlin in Germany. With a vast experience in research and consulting, Professor Stantchev has published several articles, papers and book chapters in most of the major research journals. During his visit, Professor Stantchev developed a varied agenda. On one end, he met with Project Director Guillermo Tricoci, with Professor Pablo Corral and the rest of the research team, to explore joint research opportunities. Additionally, they adjusted the details of the trip Professor Pablo Corral will make to Germany on late June, with the objective of consolidating relationship lazes with the research teams led by Professor Stantchev and to sharing our research team experiences with students of the SRH University.  On the other side, Professor Stantchev hosted a meeting with teaches of the Information Systems’ department of our Facultad, where he detailed his primary research areas; and hosted two classes for undergraduate students of Information Technology and Information Systems.