Research Project UBACyT (with financing) 

“The impact of the information and communication technology investment in Argentinean companies. Their added value to business in general and to competitiveness in particular” 


The information and communication technology (ICT) has produced very important changes in countries, organization and individuals. Countries and organizations have changed the way they relate and compete. Information and knowledge have become a commercial good and, at the same time, a production supply. We are in a context of growing needs of innovation and with shorter products and services life cycles.

The global markets require continuous changes; societies are more “exquisites” demanding products and services of superior technological level. The ICT sector has a heavier weight in the world every day.

Adopted technological advances are differential advantages at the begining, but as very little time passes by, the massification of technology enables competitors to easily access to them, making this extraordinary economical profit gained at the begging, disappears.

The companies have developed changes in their strategic planning process, in their investment technology decisions and in their organizational structures, among others, to respond to this new context. All of this in order to maintain and improve their competitiveness.

Our project is oriented to the study of the impacts of this new reality in Argentinean firms.


Research group members:


Regular Professor Cdr. Guillermo A. Tricoci


Regular teachers of the University of Buenos Aires:

Lic. Pablo Corral PMP

Lic. Ariana Rosenthal PMP


Project Schedule:

Date of begging:  01 August 2014

Date of ending: 31 July 2016